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In 2018, Natec Medical, whose CEO is Vincent Lagarde, the founder of Dunes de Mer, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The number 20 symbolizes a change, a transformation, an improvement. This number usually leads to a happy evolution. It helps to develop a sense of responsibility and gives a certain ability to challenge.

It is also for us, the flagship year of our commitment as global citizens. We are proud to announce the launch of our Foundation, “Dunes de Mer”, whose projects aim to improve the quality of life of the Vézo by implementing a myriad of innovative projects in the fields of health, education, eco-housing, fisheries and culture.  The first project concerns the construction of a dispensary in the south-west coast of Madagascar, heavily affected by poverty and deprivation. If Natec Medical's products help save lives every day, we can do much more for those who don't have access to the most basic care.

Vincent Lagarde, founder of Dunes de Mer, has therefore decided this year to challenge the traditions established at NATEC Medical by associating our clients with this socially responsible approach, which aims to open up to solidarity by joining a great human adventure. We have therefore decided to offer a gift that has meaning, value, a lasting and useful gift, in harmony with our shared values, in our field of activity, the medical sector, in a region that we know well.

This 40 euros value gift represents the participation offered to our clients  in the construction of the first dispensary to be opened this year. This sum corresponds for exemple to 3m2 of its wall or 40 blocks manufactured on site by the villagers, including materials and labour.