Dunes de Mer Foundation goes for a digital makeover

Dunes de Mer Foundation goes for a digital makeover

Greater Accessibility, updates on projects and more ways to get in touch

2020.New year. New resolutions for everyone; especially Dunes de Mer Foundation, who has recently launched its fully refreshed and revamped website. This website is the result of a desire to improve the donor’s experience and encourage participation at every stage of their visit.

Whilst Dunes De Mer did have an existing website, we realized how crucial it is to have a platform which is not only dynamic and appealing, but that it was also necessary for us to be part of an active and ongoing process with our followers, in addition to providing transparent information on the activites of the Foundation.

“As with each of our projects, we want this site to meet the needs of all those who share our vision; that of making a significant impact to the Vezo Community of Madagascar”.Vincent Lagarde, founder of Dunes De Mer.

Helping Madagascar, Helping the Vezo

The core objectives of Dunes de Mer Foundation are to fight against the medical desert, to offer quality care at an affordable price to the inhabitants of the villages in South West Madagascar as well as to create schools to fight illiteracy.


We have many initiatives planned and with the help of our generous donors , 2020 is going to be a promising year for Dunes de Mer and the Vezo. We invite you to participate in this worthy cause by donating and by talking about the association around you.

Help us spread the word about Dunes de Mer Foundation with your friends and family.   Together, we can continue improving and impacting the lives of the Vezo, to ensure a better tomorrow.

“Five senses lodge donates 5% of its income on accommodation to Dunes de Mer Foundation”

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