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Fight against the medical desert, offer free quality cares to the inhabitants of the villages of the region between Tsifoty and Tsiandamba, propose the skills of overseas benevolent doctors and specialists, create schools to fight against the illiteracy: these are some of the solidarity-based and eco projects of Dunes de Mer Foundation

Vincent Lagarde, CEO of NATEC Group (specialized in medical devices manufacture in Mauritius) is an unconditional lover of Madagascar. Engineer by training, this solidarity-minded and responsible entrepreneur has built an eco-lodge on this magnificent west coast.

Anyone can support Dunes de Mer Foundation, either privately or on behalf of their company. Participating means supporting a great solidarity project that will greatly improve the lives of the Vezo and Mikea populations.

Dunes de Mer Foundation

Dunes de Mer Foundation, created in 2018, makes a commitment to improve the life of Vezo and Mikea, semi nomadic people of fishermen and hunters, on the south-west coast of Madagascar, by the construction of dispensaries and schools.

This little girl from the dune of Ambatomilo will be able to be treated at the dispensary of Dunes de Mer Foundation, much closer and more accessible to her village.

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