Dunes de Mer Foundation, created in 2018, makes a commitment to improve the life of Vezo and Mikea, semi nomadic people of fishermen and hunters, on the south-west coast of Madagascar, by the construction of dispensaries and schools.

Vincent Lagarde, founder of Dunes de Mer (specialized in medical devices manufacture in Mauritius) is an unconditional lover of Madagascar. Engineer by training, this solidarity-minded and responsible entrepreneur has built an eco-lodge on this magnificent west coast

 “The Eco Lodge Five Senses was born in a whirlwind, when an entrepreneur friend and myself found ourselves at the world’s end, enchanted by stretches of sand as far as the eye can see and a turquoise lagoon. We were immediately enthralled by this exceptionally wild and preserved environment, and went on to discover the daily lives of the inhabitants of the fishing village neighbouring Tsiandamba, with no water, no electricity, and no medical care. Eco Lodge Five Senses was built with the desire to seamlessly integrate the surroundings and nature, while also respecting the traditions of those who have inhabited this region for centuries. The idea of the Foundation has naturally imposed itself on me, CEO of a medical device group, whose company motto is: Our products save lives every day. In front of this medical desert, in front of so many men, women and children who live in courage, dignity and above all, the joy of living: the real lesson of life comes from them!At the heart of this project is our aspiration to better the Vezo people’s quality of life by implementing a range of innovative measures in healthcare, education, eco living, fishing and culture through my foundation, Dunes de Mer. The Eco Lodge Five Senses Lodge and Dunes de Mer Foundation are both my very personal projects.”

«It's time to redistribute what life gave us». Vincent Lagarde, The Founder



Fight against the medical desert, offer free quality cares to the inhabitants of the villages of the region between Tsifoty and Baie des Assassins, propose the skills of Madagascar as well as overseas benevolent doctors and specialists who offer their holidays time for the populations, create schools to fight against the illiteracy: these are some of the solidarity-based and eco projects of Dunes de Mer Foundation.

 This western magnificent and very isolated region of Madagascar suffers urgent not filled basic needs: semi nomadic population living in great poverty, drought, diseases, no health infrastructures nearby nor basic services (water, electricity).

The heart of the project has for objective to improve the quality of life of the Vezo people by the implementation of a myriad of innovative projects in the domains of health, education, eco housing environment, fishing and culture. Opened and constantly evolving, these projects will be built just like the nomadism of these populations, favoring the adaptation and the adaptability with regard to the constraints and the assets of the site.

Dunes de Mer Foundation wishes to support a deep and sustainable reflection on the cultural identity of the territory and his inhabitants. Doing so, the Foundation becomes the actor of a participative dynamic by associating the surrounding populations with all the phases of the project, from decision-making to achievements.

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